Private Intelligence Services

Are you seeking a discreet, loyal partner to help you navigate and overcome unique challenges? Reveille Advisors is a premier private intelligence firm that provides tailored solutions to complex problems for high-net-worth families, C-level executives, businesses, and individuals.

Our private intelligence firm comprises seasoned experts who deliver tier-one insights and strategic support across various services. Explore our core intelligence services below, and discover how Reveille Advisors can help you achieve your goals with confidence and discretion.

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Intelligence Services

Reveille Advisors excels at corporate intelligence services thanks to our diverse backgrounds and collective expertise. We’ve worked on everything from assessing micro-patterns from tens of billions of lines of data to conducting elaborate surveillance operations. Whether on the ground or digitally, we’re the team you want to work with!

Our investigators conduct detailed market analysis, competitor profiling, and strategic risk assessments to give your leadership team actionable insights. Our intelligence solutions will keep you ahead of the pack and give you the confidence to know you’re making informed decisions.

Oppo Research

Our opposition research firm is designed to uncover critical information about competitors or adversaries. We delve deep into public records, financial statements, and media reports to build a comprehensive profile. Frequently utilizing open source and human intelligence, this tactic helps politicians and businesses understand competitor strategies, uncover their vulnerabilities, and develop effective counter-strategies. Reveille Advisors gives you the insights needed to outmaneuver your rivals strategically.

Private Investigations

Reveille Advisors offers discreet and thorough private investigation services for personal and professional matters. Our experienced investigators specialize in uncovering the truth, documenting the evidence, and providing detailed reports – even suitable for litigation.

Whether you need to investigate fraud, infidelity, missing person cases (including homelessness, addicts, mental health issues, etc.), or other sensitive matters, our team uses advanced techniques to deliver the answers you’re looking for.

Red Team Penetration Tests

Our physical penetration testing (red teaming) and risk mitigation services protect your assets, reputation, and safety. Drawing from decades of real-world threat planning, our team conducts thorough risk assessments to identify your organization’s vulnerabilities.

Once we’re confident we’ve exploited or breached what we can, we develop and implement customized risk mitigation strategies, including security planning, improving personnel processes, and specific cybersecurity measures. 

Strategic Public Relations

Reveille Advisors excels in strategic PR, which helps you manage your public image and communicate effectively with stakeholders.

Our services include earned media, crisis prep, brand strengthening, and reputation repair. We craft tailored PR strategies that enhance your public profile and ensure your message resonates with your target audience. Let our diverse marketing, media, and public relations experts help you overcome complex public-facing challenges.

Online Privacy & Safety

Whether you’re the victim of cyberstalking or simply an individual looking to reduce their online footprint, there are specific steps you need to take to minimize your vulnerabilities.

Reveille Advisors’ online privacy protection experts identify what information has been published and then develop a plan to remove or reduce the instances of it appearing online. You can nearly erase a person’s personally identifiable information (PII) from the internet when done judiciously.

In parallel, we also assist businesses and individuals with the guidelines to legally form entities, secure assets, and live their lives with anonymity. Like the prior step, this protects the client against future exposure. 

Headhunting & Screenings

Our headhunting and screening services help you find the best talent and ensure their suitability for your organization. Reveille Advisors conducts thorough background checks, social media scans, and credential verifications for various clients.

We also specialize in bespoke executive or individual search services to identify and understand top-tier candidates for critical roles or opportunities. Our meticulous approach ensures you connect with individuals who can help you accomplish your goals.

Work With Us

We offer 30-minute consultations for you to share your challenges and we’ll determine what solutions are available. As always, discretion is provided and secure communication options are available. We’ll speak with you soon!