About Reveille Advisors

Reveille Advisors is the brainchild of our founding partners and their vision for how a tier-one private intelligence firm can operate. Like the best specialized teams, we wanted confidence in expertise to drive client relations. To achieve this, we created a boutique firm that is solely comprised of senior-level team members who have an owner’s stake in your success!

Everyone at Reveille Advisors has at least ten years of experience, but most are in 20+ years of service in their respective fields. We have experts in various locales throughout the United States, offering offensive and defensive services. If someone works with us, they’re here for a reason and are mission-driven like our entire force.

We are members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).

Reveille Advisors is a veteran owned and operated private intelligence firm. This image displays that with 6-stars about it in a horizontal line.

Rob R.

Partner & Director of Intelligence

Rob spent over 20 years working in various national-level roles for the United States Navy, Department of Defense, and the U.S. Intelligence Community as a senior all-source intelligence and information security leader. With over a dozen deployments and 20+ Secretary of Defense and POTUS-approved no-fail missions worldwide under his belt, he’s truly a world-class intelligence expert.

Rob has directed teams with dozens of operators and targeters in the field and instructed tradecraft techniques to 500+ officers, enlisted personnel, and civilians. He’s personally collected 1,000+ hours of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance in hostile theatres worldwide.

Rob is also a decorated organizational leader who has served as the Training Manager for an Information Warfare department that catered to intermediate and advanced instruction. There he led a team of 60+ military and civilian contractor instructors who sought his expertise to impart to their own teams and operations.

Rob holds an active TS/SCI Security Clearance.

Wes A.

Partner & Director of Operations

Wes worked as an Assistant Producer in broadcast media, eventually transitioning to Advertising. While in mass media, he specialized in talent relations, promotional events, and developing non-traditional revenue streams.

After a successful career in media, Wes was offered a coveted role as a VIP Travel Host for internationally-recognized U.S. politicians, A-list celebrities, pro athletes, C-level executives, and dignitaries. Here, he honed his ability to serve the most dynamic of individuals by consistently adapting to and fixing their complex (and discreet) challenges.

For the next decade, Wes consulted for private businesses and North American digital marketing, software, and SEO agencies. As an open-source investigator, he focused on market and competitor research while steering digital PR efforts. Those roles required Wes to master targeting breadcrumbs, developing warm relationships from cold outreach, and properly analyzing complex data within online and public ecosystems.

Wes holds a certification in Cybersecurity from Google.

Our Approach

Ideally, we prefer long term partnerships because it allows us to accomplish so much for you. We become engrained in your endeavors and are constantly working to advance your interests. That said, we frequently work on ad hoc private intelligence projects on an hourly basis. We’re flexible and welcome all inquiries.

Reveille Advisors provides fractional executive services for organizations with a gap in leadership or need to leverage outside expertise. This has been very successful for those organizations that need ongoing help in lieu of hiring full-time in-house specialists or leaders. 

Reveille Advisors primarily operates from Denver, Houston, and Virginia Beach. However, we have personnel in Salt Lake City and other states throughout the country. We can execute private intelligence operations in North America (and elsewhere) through our network of veteran professionals.

When clients onboard with us, you’ll meet with the founding partners, and we’ll assess your situation. Depending on your challenges and goals, you may need our offensive or defensive measures. No matter the route, know that our team will only take on those challenges we’re confident we can satisfy.

Who We Help

We support the following organizations through financial donations.

Reveille Advisors has Navy SEAL and Special Forces team members, so we can say firsthand that the two organizations below are legitimate outlets for support.

Unfortunately, suicide has become a national tragedy. We’ve all lost friends and family members to suicide, so we’ve chosen to support the Colorado-based Rise Against Suicide.

Last but certainly not least is the Dallas-based OurCalling, which helps the homeless community far beyond most in the country. Learn more about each organization below:

If you can’t tell, we like to celebrate and work with those who serve something greater than themselves. The world gets better each time a man or woman steps up and does what’s right. And with that, we’ll leave you with a brief mantra we reflect on from fallen USMC 1stLt Travis Manion,if not me, then who?

Recent Media Contributions

While we try to stay in the background, sometimes we get asked for our insight from media partners. Due to the diverse backgrounds of our team members, we’ve discussed everything from online safety and best practices to hand-to-hand combat and home safety tips.

If you’re a writer or journalist who needs assistance with a story or investigation you’re working on, please don’t be shy to contact our private intelligence firm.

Work With Us

We offer complimentary 30-minute consultations for potential partners and are happy to discuss any challenges you may have and how we can help. One of our partners will be in touch with you soon.