Corporate Intelligence Services

In today’s dynamic business environment, gaining a competitive edge through exclusive insights is more valuable than ever. Having an ace up your sleeve can make the difference between millions of dollars and the trajectory of your organization. With origins in the U.S. Intelligence Community, Reveille Advisors specializes in executing and collecting corporate and business intelligence through a variety of methods.

Two people are talking privately and somewhat discreetly in a large corporate office complex's stairwell. When performing Human Intelligence collection (HUMINT) it's imperative to develop warm relationships with key personnel easily.

Human Intelligence (HUMINT)

Our corporate intelligence services are highly effective, particularly through our use of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) sources. We build organic relationships with these critical individuals using sophisticated social techniques and discreet activities.

Operating within your market’s legal confines and jurisdiction, we identify, develop, and leverage these third-party sources to gather game-changing information for your organization. This approach may require a long-term engagement, depending on the scope of your needs, which we are fully equipped to facilitate.

Ethical Standards & Legal Compliance

It is important to emphasize our commitment to ethical standards and legal compliance. We will never intimidate, hack, or harass any target on behalf of our clients. Furthermore, we can only record conversations in which we are active participants. Rest assured, we will utilize all lawful tradecraft methods to achieve your objectives with the utmost discretion.

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

The vastness of the internet never ceases to amaze us. While its reach can be alarming, it is incredibly beneficial for open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations. This includes tapping into the dark web, which, though often avoided due to unfamiliarity, is entirely legal to audit. The layers of publicly available data are genuinely astounding.

From public records, arrest records, and private databases made public, to vendor archives, public contracts, online communities, social media, property records, and FOIA requests, the wealth of information accessible is immense. This goes far beyond simply Googling someone, highlighting the necessity of our experienced OSINT collectors.

Our team collects, audits, and translates this vast information into a comprehensive yet easily digestible intelligence pack. Our thorough documentation and methodologies enable you to see precisely where and when data was gathered, providing a clear “road map” of all potential sources of interest.

OSINT is versatile and invaluable, serving various needs, from private investigations in missing person cases to complex fraud investigations and due diligence. There are no limits to how OSINT can be leveraged for your benefit.

Due Diligence

Significant business decisions, such as new partnerships, joint ventures, new vendors, acquisitions, and expanding into new markets, often lead to challenging questions that require thorough answers.

Who are the key players behind the company, and what are their likely motives? What are their known and undisclosed influences? Who is the ultimate benefactor of ownership, and does that alter the situation? What is their history, both professional and personal, and how might it negatively impact us? Is the risk worth the potential reward, and what is our liability if we proceed?

At Reveille Advisors, our investigators eliminate uncertainty by providing comprehensive analyses of business targets. Whether you need insights into micro or macro implications, we equip you with the necessary awareness and confidence to avoid fraud, corruption, and costly mistakes.

Corruption & Unethical Business Practices

We understand the complexities and gray areas of the world better than most. However, certain actions by various bad actors undeniably cross both ethical and legal lines. These actions can include utilizing ineligible labor groups, employee misconduct, violations of professional boards and licensures, deceptive marketing, predatory scams, and more.

Some examples of our involvement in exposing such practices include:

If you believe you are being taken advantage of or you can no longer ignore unethical practices, reach out to us. At Reveille Advisors, we are here to help you navigate and combat corruption and dishonest business practices.

Targeted Headhunting

Are you a venture capitalist seeking new, off-the-radar investors? Perhaps an executive who seeks specific information to achieve a critical business objective? Or maybe you’re searching for potential allies for a public policy campaign? At Reveille Advisors, we excel at identifying, targeting, and nurturing human sources for various purposes and goals.

While this service may sound ambiguous, it is inherently discreet and customized to meet each client’s unique mission. Whether you require strategic partnerships, critical intelligence, or influential allies, our targeted headhunting services are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring effective and confidential outcomes.

Work With Us

We offer 30-minute consultations for you to share your challenges and we’ll determine what solutions are available. As always, discretion is provided and secure communication options are available. We’ll speak with you soon!