Corporate Intelligence Services

In today’s dynamic business environment, a competitive edge via exclusive insight is more valuable than ever! Having an ace up your sleeve can mean the difference of millions of dollars and your organization’s trajectory. Coming from the U.S. Intelligence Community, Reveille Advisors specializes in the execution and collection of corporate intelligence in a variety of manners.

Two people are talking privately and somewhat discreetly in a large corporate office complex's stairwell. When performing Human Intelligence collection (HUMINT) it's imperative to develop warm relationships with key personnel easily.

Human Intelligence (HUMINT)

One of the most effective methods of acquiring corporate intelligence is in the form of human intelligence (HUMINT) sources. These are key targets that we develop organic relationships with through social engineering techniques. This tactic requires clandestine activities.

Working within the confines and legal jurisdiction of your market, we’ll identify, develop, and eventually, leverage these third-party targets for information that can provide game-changing insight for your organization. This tactic can require a more long-term engagement depending on the scope of your needs, which we’re more than happy to facilitate.

We should also note some specifics about working with human sources before you connect with us, which are that we will never intimidate, hack, or harass any target for our clients and we can only record conversations that we’re a party to.

Likewise, we’re not able to record without authorization in two-party consent jurisdictions. That said, so long as it’s lawful, we will utilize all tradecraft options to complete the task at hand in a highly discreet and professionally guarded manner.

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

It always surprises us how far-reaching the internet has become, which is alarming, but really helpful if you’re an open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigator. Including the dark web, which is completely legal to audit but often avoided due to a lack of familiarity and suspicion, the layers of data that are available are astounding.

Between public records, arrest records, private party databases made public, vendor archives, public contracts, online communities, social media, property records, FOIA requests, and more, you can glean a lot of information that’s hidden in not-so-plain sight. This is a lot more than simply Googling someone, which is where someone experienced in OSINT collection is needed.

What we do is collect, audit, and then translate all the information we’ve learned into a comprehensive, yet easy to digest, intelligence pack and profile. Through our documentation and methodologies of data collection, you’ll be able to see where and when we collected the information and navigate a “road map” of all potential sources of interest.

OSINT is used in a variety of ways from private investigations and missing person cases to complex fraud investigations and due diligence, so there’s really no limitation to how it can be applied for your benefits.

Clandestine Competitor Surveillance

Our investigators are well-versed in clandestine reconnaissance and surveillance, both internationally and domestically, and within both the government and private sectors. With nearly all client projects, we apply some sort of online monitoring or digital competitor research into our offerings, but we also provide real-world or in-person surveillance too.

Think of our corporate surveillance service exactly like you would that of a private investigator – we would document and perform surveillance on parties or locations to secure information that’s beneficial for your use. Whether this is to gather evidence or simply understand their pattern-of-life, we can accomplish it. Examples regularly include

  • identifying a competitor’s vendors or partners.
  • track and record who meets with whom and where.
  • discover interpersonal, personal, and extracurricular relationships.
  • search for conflicts of interest.
  • look for evidence of corruption or unethical business practices.
  • determine business practices and processes.

The above list is hardly exhaustive as this tactical service can be applied to a wide-variety of situations and nearly all scenarios.

Due Diligence

Significant business decisions, such as new partnerships, joint ventures, new vendors, acquisitions, and expanding into new markets, can produce questions that are difficult to answer.

Who are the key players behind the company and what are their likely motives? What are their influences, both known and undeclared? Who’s the ultimate benefactor of ownership and does that change the situation? What’s their history – both professional and personal, and how could that history have negative implications for us? Is the risk worth the potential reward and what’s our liability if we proceed?

At Reveille Advisors, our investigators remove the uncertainty for your team by providing comprehensive analyses of business targets. Whether you’re looking for micro or macro implications, we’ll be ready to provide you with the appropriate awareness and confidence to avoid fraud, corruption and costly mistakes.

Headhunting for Various Relationships & Opportunities

Are you a venture capitalist looking for new, but off-the-radar, investors? Maybe an executive who needs a specific piece of information to accomplish a critical business objective? What if you’re looking for potential allies or partners for a public policy campaign? At Reveille Advisors, we know how to identify, target, and nurture human sources for diverse reasons and goals. While we know that sounds quite ambiguous, that is the nature of the game with this service, as it’s almost always very discreet and customized for each client’s mission.

Work With Us

We offer 30-minute consultations for you to share your challenges and we’ll determine what solutions are available. As always, discretion is provided and secure communication options are available. We’ll speak with you soon!