Threat & Risk Mitigation

All organizations have weaknesses – many of which can jeopardize your ability to perform key operations. Depending on the sector, such failures could equate to significant loss of revenue or physical danger to your personnel or the public. Unfortunately, even if you’re in a bunker, oversights by personnel or errors in processes can leave you exposed to bad actors.

Thankfully, team members at Reveille Advisors have performed threat analyses and executed threat prevention services at the highest levels. Whether that’s leading the security services for U.S. Ambassadors and their embassies to keeping billionaires safe for international speaking events, we have the real-world experience you’re looking for.

All these years chasing and watching criminals have provided us with tremendous insight into how they think and act. For these services, we’ll pretend to be the bad guys and identify ways past your security. 

A No Trespassing sign on a chain link fence outside of some sort of facility. Reveille Advisors and our expert threat prevention specialists will play the "bad guys" and identify all your weaknesses via a red team penetration test.

Red Team Consulting Services

Today we’ll be the “red team” or we’ll perform “red teaming”, which simply means that we’ll be assuming the role of your adversaries. Red team operations are conducted in a controlled manner to simulate realistic threats your organization could encounter. Commonly this will include looking for ways to exploit, manipulate, or breach:

  • the physical environment (doors, locks, fences, checkpoints, etc.)
  • human/personnel vulnerabilities via HUMINT social engineering
  • gaps in your hardware or software that provide unauthorized access
  • systemic issues that are problematic on a large scale

Upon completion, our team will provide you with a technical report and an executive summary for high-level issues. All vulnerabilities that were identified and exploited will have our recommendations for remediation.

Physical Penetration Testing

While many organizations have protocols in place to protect their network and data from cyber-attacks, most neglect to apply the same enthusiasm towards their physical locations. Physical penetration tests are attempts to thwart your physical security measures, whether that’s locks, fences, cameras, security guards, and so forth. You’ll provide us with your objective, but we commonly try to gain access into private areas that include:

  • an executive’s office
  • restricted access departments
  • your production facilities
  • your server room or network control center
  • financial documents
  • trade secrets

Throughout our breach, we won’t partake in destructive behavior that will leave your premises damaged, but we will expose weakness in your current physical barriers. We’ll also discuss personnel issues, errors in procedures, and process violations that are leading to organizational risk. When organizations know the scope of danger they are facing, they can prioritize remediation actions.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is simply the exploitation of personnel within your organization to gain access to critical information, secure areas, or further assisting us with a larger objective. We regularly use social engineering as a component of corporate intelligence services and physical penetration tests.

Physical social engineering evaluates the readiness of your staff when it comes to innate awareness and how they adhere to policies and procedures. It can safely expose human errors without the real-world consequences of an actual attack. Examples of how bad actors utilize social engineering can include:

  • tailgating into a building via another employee
  • being allowed admittance into employee-only areas
  • not being challenged when seen
  • baiting employees into disclosing information or violating procedures
  • gaining access to an unsecure workstation
  • viewing key client information

Once access has been gained, we will continue to pursue the specified goals and gather evidence of these security vulnerabilities in real-time. Fortunately, when we’re done, you weren’t the actual victim of a real-world breach but the lessons learned from exercises like these can prove invaluable.

Work With Us

We offer 30-minute consultations for you to share your challenges and we’ll determine what solutions are available. As always, discretion is provided and secure communication options are available. We’ll speak with you soon!