Online Privacy & Safety

With decades of experience in the U.S. Intelligence Community and online media platforms, Reveille’s team members are all expert investigators. We know just how pervasive and far-reaching Big Tech has become! In fact, it allowed us to succeed in our former roles very effectively. 

Gone are the days of consent! Today’s tech companies are predatory in nature and misrepresent how their customers (and their data) are the product. Factor in online scraping bots and tools, even one instance of having personal identifying information (PII) revealed online can spread like wildfire. Due to this hostile environment, Reveille Advisors offers clients comprehensive online privacy and safety services.

An anonymous woman wearing a pink shirt has her hands in front of her face in a crossed or "x" pattern. She is doing this to conceal her identity from the vantage point we're facing her. Online privacy is becoming harder and harder to achieve, which is why we share best practices to help you!

Cyberstalking and Online Harassment

No matter what “initiative” Big Tech says they’ve implemented via a PR campaign, the internet has been and will continue to be the Wild West. With the rise in popularity and use of mobile apps and social media, many have found themselves in the crosshairs of bad actors who perform online harassment.

While this type of harassment may be carried out in a digital space, it’s important to note that such behavior can be actual harassment and stalking in many jurisdictions. Legalities aside, for the victims of such unwarranted and non-consensual attention is unnerving and disruptive.

Commonly, many victims lose a sense of safety and develop tremendous anxiety, depression, and general fear from this type of harassment. That’s for good reason too, as sometimes this online harassment can spill over into the real world in the form of traditional stalking and harassment.

Reveille Advisors’ digital investigators can help reveal who is targeting you! We do this by using our thorough knowledge of their tools and tradecraft techniques. Many try to hide behind “burner” profiles, emails, phone numbers, and more in an effort to conceal their identity. However, since we’re so involved with online privacy and security, we’re privy with their tricks too! 

Types of Online Harassment:

  • Doxxing: Releasing someone’s private information online for swarm-type harassment from users or the offline threat of real-world harm and danger.
  • Revenge Porn: An ex-partner who releases intimate and explicit media of you without your consent.
  • Catfishing: A person creates a fake persona to establish a relationship with the victim. Many times this can lead to online “romance scams” that quickly drain one’s bank account. We’re happy to conduct background checks and character vetting if you suspect someone fits this description.
  • Online Impersonation: Using your name or persona without your consent to mislead others, sully your reputation or business, commit fraud, or some other ulterior motive.
  • SWATting: While rare, this is when someone contacts law enforcement to alert them to a completely fake but life-threatening scenario at your address. This urgent matter calls for SWAT to respond immediately, which can be very dangerous for all those involved.

If you’re the victim of any form of online harassment or stalking, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have methods and processes to address each scenario, so we can recover and preserve any evidence. If threats are being made, we also work with appropriate law enforcement agencies to ensure your risk of physical harm is minimized.

Reducing Online Exposure

It’s too late to avoid being on the internet. Some people don’t mind, but the majority of Americans feel the reach of their data has exceeded their comforts.

Many of us, even those at Reveille Advisors, innocently shared too much online early in the internet’s existence. We had no idea what the internet and social media would evolve into.

Fortunately, we can reduce or eliminate your online footprint and history using a variety of techniques. We audit past and current social media usage, scour public records, property and business databases, and deep dive into Google. Once we have your complete footprint exposed, we begin removing it.

The privacy experts at Reveille Advisors can then instruct your family, friends, employees, and/or executives on how to avoid disclosing these details in the future. We’ll train you on the tradecraft and best practices of privacy, so you can dictate what, if any, information about you is available to others online.

Who We Help

We are very passionate about helping those families and individuals who have been victimized by online harassment, abuse, stalking, and criminality. Too often will someone be minding their own business to only end up in the proverbial crosshairs of a bad actor or misdirected social media outrage. The unfortunate reality is that in today’s culture, those once proverbial crosshairs can morph into real-world threats of violence.

Celebrities, Public Figures, and Executives

The partners at Reveille Advisors have all worked with an abundance of national-level U.S. politicians, A-list celebrities, C-level executives, professional athletes, and international dignitaries. This discreet and firsthand experience with navigating these individuals’ public lives and protecting private information is something we know very well. 

We’ve been exposed to the threats you can face on a daily basis. Whether you need assistance with techniques for anonymity, strategy development for future engagements, or recommendations for private residence safety, we have an option for you. In fact, one of our founders holds an active Top Secret (TS/SCI) Security Clearance and we’re very comfortable signing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). 

High-Net-Worth Families and Individuals

In the last few years, there have been countless instances of stick-up crews robbing high-net-worth individuals in affluent neighborhoods and shopping districts across the country. These brazen robberies often happen in broad daylight or in heavily populated social scenes, which is an unfortunate development from the common robberies of yesteryear. 

Most of these victims, innocently and unintentionally, shared something about their lifestyle or assets on social media. Such things can be a designer watch or jewelry, currency, exotic automobiles, high-end and envied consumer products, and more. Likewise, individuals can also disclose their home address or identifiable markings for determining their location at a later time and date. While their followers and friends were the intended audiences, individuals in stick-up crews and gangs are also watching. Sharing location data and other identifying information is all that’s needed for them to find you and put a gun in your face. We’ll teach you how to avoid that!


If you’re the victim of domestic abuse, stalking, sexual assault, harassment, or any other form of non-consensual attention or violence, we would be honored to help you. We have a well-established drive to protect the vulnerable and have learned our legal system has its limitations. If we can help you achieve a better quality of life, peace of mind, or an enhanced level of safety, we’d love to work with you. Depending on your unique situation, we will proceed with various steps and measures to increase your personal security and location privacy.   

Law Enforcement, Civil Servants, and Military

Many departments and organizations perform internal sweeps of online information for their officers, operators, and support personnel, but we’ve been surprised to learn that it’s not standard practice across the board. Due to this oversight, many law enforcement officers (LEOs) and military personnel at sensitive levels of operation, can have their personal details online. It should come as no surprise that this is not ideal for the safety of them and their families, since retribution can happen. 

Whether you need individual help or you’d like us to train your entire force on best practices, Reveille Advisors has a path to help you achieve a new level of personal security or anonymity.

Work With Us

We offer 30-minute consultations for you to share your challenges and we’ll determine what solutions are available. As always, discretion is provided and secure communication options are available. We’ll speak with you soon!