Executive Searches & Personnel Screenings

Warranted or not, many brands and organizations have been brought to their knees by the behavior of various personnel. We often see this occur at whiplash speeds thanks to viral stories, outrage campaigns on social media, and overwhelming media coverage. While this vitriol may only be related to one person’s bad behavior or error in judgment, contemporary society has shown how you can bear the sins of another.

When millions (or billions) of dollars in revenue are at stake, not to mention countless careers and livelihoods, one misstep can have disastrous repercussions. Due to these high stakes, Reveille Advisors offers comprehensive executive and personnel screenings.

A person is holding what appears to be either an official criminal record or a background report. Either way, someone has a criminal past and they're reviewing the details of the document. Could be a private investigator.

Executive Hiring Committees & Searches

Modern leaders will often operate within the public sphere – whether that’s through professional social media accounts, branded content, speeches, and other media inclusions. Due to this visibility, executive hiring committees or in-house recruiters should consider performing a deep dive into candidate backgrounds.

Unlike what can be disclosed by a $19.99 background check online or by referencing a contact’s LinkedIn profile, Reveille Advisors’ screening process will look for vulnerabilities in prospective leaders that could be problematic for the organization at large.

We achieve this by using open-source intelligence (OSINT) to explore the far corners of the accessible internet and public record databases for fact-checking and background information. We then perform comprehensive social media sweeps for possibly inflammatory statements or difficult-to-explain connections.

We’ll also assess known interests for conflicts and audit their primary associates. If possible, we will also scrutinize investments and assets.

Personnel Screenings & Character Vetting

Including personnel screenings and character vetting in your organization’s processes can have lasting effects by reducing your exposure to risk in the future. Similar to our executive searches, we also perform research for traditional personnel and new hires. This will include background reviews (Fair Credit Reporting Act compliant options available), social media sweeps, verifying past employment, salary, education, location history, and more. The intent is to identify those that have too much risk or poor behavior in their past which could have negative consequences on your organization.

Proactive Self-Research

Some leaders of organizations will see how a competitor or familiar brand experiences negative ridicule and develop concerns for their own vitality. That’s for good reason too, as there is often a depth of separation in large organizations where members of different departments or management roles are disconnected from their colleagues. So much so that you may not even know who really works for you. 

Exactly like competitor and opposition research, we will perform an audit of your organization and personnel’s visibility and vulnerabilities. However, the good news is that you’re in control of that information and not your adversaries. This can provide you with the time and tact to address issues internally while avoiding embarrassing or challenging public inquiries.

Reducing Risk in Employment

At the end of the day, we want you to make informed hiring decisions that reduce the risk of potential hardships for your organization. Nothing is guaranteed in life, but one can insulate themselves from those who wish to mislead during the hiring process, carry too much baggage to be the face of your brand, or who have behaved internally with misconduct. Let Reveille Advisors help you during this process by contacting us today!

Work With Us

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