Private Intelligence Agency in Utah

In the 1990s, Salt Lake City became a favored destination for data and tech companies who wanted to escape the costly Pacific Coast. That appeal was driven by Utah’s lower cost of living and outdoor activities for the whole family. Already dubbed a boutique Silicon Valley, this status was cemented in the 2010s with the completion of the NSA’s Utah Data Center.

Today, Utah proudly hosts a myriad of international brands, many of which are leaders in highly competitive industries. Notable examples include in eCommerce, Sinclair Oil in Energy, Goldman Sachs in Finance, and Adobe in Tech. Beyond these heavyweights, Utah is also home to thousands of other businesses actively vying for market dominance.

Whether you’re a new start-up with VC money looking to make a splash or an established brand researching new channels, Reveille Advisors can help! Our business intelligence consultants will provide the answers you need to take decisive action.

The city skyline of Salt Lake City at night. The photo is in grayscale showing the Mormon Church of SLK highlighted and the skyscrapers of the city behind it. Reveille Advisors works from Salt Lake City to serve our Utah clients.

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Corporate Intelligence Experts in Utah

Due to the constantly shifting terrain of modern business, gaining an edge from exclusive intelligence is critical. The fine line between profitability and loss and your organization’s future trajectory often depends on possessing a strategic advantage. Drawing on a rich heritage from the U.S. Intelligence Community, Reveille Advisors provides our partners with bespoke corporate intelligence solutions in Utah.

Open-Source Intelligence via OSINT

Knowledge amounts to power globally and locally. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is a crucial tool for uncovering valuable insights that are often hidden in plain sight.

Our OSINT analysts meticulously gather information from an ever-growing number of public sources, including news outlets, financial reports, social media, property records, public databases, FOIA requests, and industry publications. Our investigation doesn’t stop there; we extend our search into the dark web, often finding details unavailable elsewhere.

Individually, these pieces of information might seem trivial. Yet, they paint a detailed picture for your advantage when pieced together.

Human-Source Intelligence via HUMINT

In the corporate world, we use Human Intelligence (HUMINT) to extract information through direct engagement with specific individuals. This requires us to skillfully navigate conversations, interviews, meetings, and networking events to glean information inaccessible through digital investigations or tactics.

HUMINT is akin to having an ear to the ground. It involves subtly interacting with customers, competitors, their employees, and industry insiders to acquire knowledge discreetly without their awareness.

Competitor “Mystery Shopping” & Market Research

Stepping beyond digital, our investigative expertise extends to hands-on field intelligence gathering. Among our most sought-after services is competitor analysis, achieved through “mystery shopping” and strategic surveillance.

Our team, adept in clandestine operations, excels where standard methods can’t accomplish the goal. Our operatives dive into real-world environments of competitor zones to procure vital data directly. This immersive technique yields unparalleled insights, enabling you to thoroughly learn:

  • The nuanced offerings of your competitors.
  • Their strategic moves and tactics within the marketplace.
  • Comprehensive aspects of their sales approaches and how they engage with customers.
  • Customized answers that align precisely with your specific queries and objectives.

We’ll often procure some elements of the intel by using corporate surveillance tactics. For this service, we assume the role of corporate private investigators where we can:

  • Identifying your competitors’ suppliers or partners.
  • Monitoring key meetings and significant locales.
  • Unraveling connections that might suggest conflicts of interest or shady dealings.
  • Gathering intel on distinctive business practices and strategies.

When performing proper intelligence collection like this, you start to really appreciate the benefits of working with a private intelligence firm, such as Reveille Advisors. Our capabilities are far-reaching in this arena.

Opposition Researchers Near Salt Lake City

Opposition (oppo) research is all about uncovering secrets that others meant to stay hidden. How you use these new secrets is up to you – we just want to find them! 

Our team approaches oppo research legally, beginning with an exhaustive online probe. They delve into property records, legal conflicts, business affiliations, public opinion, media inclusions, and the social media footprints of the individual or organization in question.

We then leverage the digital findings as a roadmap for our upcoming field activities. Here, we’ll engage in interviews, discreet surveillance, and a variety of observation tactics to collect that final bit of persuasive evidence that you can strategically leverage when and where you want…

Private Investigations

Reveille Advisors’ investigative work goes beyond commercial intelligence services in Utah by offering personalized services to families and individuals. Our team includes licensed private investigators skilled in handling an array of personal concerns, such as:

Although the truths we reveal may be hard to digest, they offer closure and peace of mind for you to focus on the future. We take all private investigations seriously and offer the upmost discretion.

Serving Utah Statewide

Reveille Advisors can work with clients throughout the state of Utah, but it’s most convenient to connect with those communities up and down I-15 such as:

While we are able to work with those outside these regions, we have to spend a bit more time traveling for in-person meetings.

We can meet our Salt Lake City clients at the following address by appointment only as we are not regularly there:

Work With Us

We offer 30-minute consultations for you to share your challenges and we’ll determine what solutions are available. As always, discretion is provided and secure communication options are available. We’ll speak with you soon!